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prove materialiThe Studio MM is able to offer the following evidence:

Michael Mazzoni, the undersigned, a geologist, is responsible for about 15 years of laboratory testing and testing materials of construction aggregates, raw materials for ceramics and building materials in general,; , first as an employee of Research and Development Center of Sacmi Imola then as owner of Studio MM.

prove materiali With the entry into force of new European regulations concerning the CE marking of different building materials, the MM Studio is equipped to perform on behalf of its clients, the laboratory tests required by the relevant regulations (CE aggregates , stone, concrete products, ceramic products, bricks, etc..).
Currently there are about 70 companies that have obtained the CE marking (also by system 2 +), through our facility, with almost all of these companies have signed an agreement ongoing maintenance, which is ensuring mutual satisfaction..

The structure deliberately kept small and flexible, allows you to maintain a competitive cost with regard to laboratory work, as being able to offer outstanding support to those companies or groups of companies, they do not want to bear the burden of maintaining a complex internal service control and materials analysis
It is emphasized that the Study MM, in order to ensure the validity of the test reports issued for each destination and use, has implemented a control system and instrument calibration in accordance with the requirements of the specific industry regulations, all laboratory equipment used are then provided with a certificate of compliance issued prove materialiby the manufacturer and are subject to regular and rigorous external checks and calibrations to designated centers SIT authorized. The achievement of ISO 9001 certification issued by TUV Italy ensures conformity of the quality system implemented.

Below is the list and the cost of the main tests performed by the Studio MM. dallo Studio MM .

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